There are some very good reasons to have your
ducts cleaned.
Most folks don't ever think about having their air ducts cleaned.   After all, if it is not
broken, don't fix it.  However, just because you don't see a problem doesn't mean it
doesn't exist.  Many homes have
mold spores, pet dander, dead insects, dust mites
and rodents as well as their droppings
to name but a few of the contaminants that
inhabit a home's air duct system.

Four Main Indoor Allergens:

One of the leading causes of seasonal allergies.  Pollen is a powdery substance
produced by flowering plants that contains male reproductive cells. It is transported
inside your home by wind, air flow, on clothes and even your pets.

Mold Spores:
Mold reproduces through tiny airborne spores.  When they land on a wet surface
(moisture is found in many air ducts), mold starts to grow indoors. Symptoms
including sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and skin rash occur.

Pet Dander:
Pet allergens can remain in carpet and furniture for 4 to 6 weeks and linger in the air
for months!  Most people think it's the fur, but the major culprit is the saliva that
sticks to the fur when your pet cleans itself. The saliva contains a protein that
causes a reaction.

Dust Mites:
Mites live in your air ducts, your carpet and even your bed!  Even though they're
microscopic, they're not completely invisible. Those particles you see floating around
in a shaft of sunlight? Some of them are actually dead dust mites and their
droppings. The proteins in the droppings are what cause many to have an allergic

But how can these contaminates hurt me or my family?

Every time your heat pump or furnace turns on, air begins moving through your air
ducts.  This agitates any contaminates residing there.  These contaminates in turn
enter your home where they are breathed by you and your family.  Millions of dollars
were spent last year on air purification systems for the home, but sadly these efforts
are undermined when the air ducts are neglected.  
How do I know if my
ducts need cleaning?

We use the most modern equipment
available.  Your first contact with us
starts with a
FREE VIDEO inspection of
your home's duct system.   YOU will
see the results of that inspection for
YOURSELF!  We are confident that you
will choose our service when you see
the dirt and dust that hides in your
ducts.  Our motto is "Let us show you
what you are breathing."

How can Mountain Aire see
inside my ducts?

We use a very special camera that enables
us to travel deep into your air duct system.  
This enables us to show you exactly what
you cannot see.  This same camera system
can also be attached to our cleaning
system which enables us to see as we
clean.  This assures us that we are getting
everything that lurks in your duct system.  
This allows us to give you a 100% money
back guarantee if you are not completely
          Mountain Aire Duct Cleaning
                                     "Let us show you what you're breathing"
How can Mountain Aire   
      clean my ducts?  

We use a VERY special machine that
not only passes the length of your
duct system it also brushes the sides
of your ducts while it vacuums up all
the dirt and debris it finds.  This
special rotating brush will clean, but
NOT harm any kind of duct system.    
How do I contact Mountain Aire to make an

Simply call...765-618-7601 or e-mail us at...
We offer a FREE video inspection of
your air ducts and/or dryer vent.
"Let us show you what you are breathing"
 Locally owned and operated in Marion, Indiana
  Professional equipment for a professional job
In addition to the brush-vaccum cleaning system
described above
Mountain Aire also uses a
Negative Air system to clean your ducts.  
Negative air systems create back pressure and
when used in conjunction with the "Viper" whip
system the end result are shiny clean ducts.  
Most duct cleaning companies have a
"Brush-Vaccum" system or a "Negative Air"
system to clean your ducts.
 Mountain Aire
has both!
Why should I choose Mountain Aire to clean my
Mountain Aire is a family owned business, our name is on every job.  We have
the very best equipment and we have been trained in Dallas, Texas to the level
of Certified Air Duct Cleaning Specialist (ADCS).  We also guarantee everything
we do 100%