Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to have my ducts cleaned?

Of course that depends on the size of your home and our FREE video
inspection of your home also includes a
FREE estimate.  That price
includes a cleaning of your furnace as well as a environmentally safe
fogging of your vent system that purifies your system by killing bacteria
and mold.  

What happens if I ask for the Free Video
Inspection and after the inspection I decide not to
have my ducts cleaned?

Free means just that, free.  Of course we hope that you need our
service, but if your ducts prove to be clean, or you decide against
having them cleaned that is fine.  At least we have had a chance at
earning your business.  

Will my house be damaged by the equipment
needed to clean my ducts?

Our crews have been trained to treat every home as we would treat
our own.  It is our desire to so serve you that you will want to refer your
friends to us.  And we back our work with a 100% money back

Do I need to leave my home to have my ducts

Absolutely not!  We want you to watch us examine your ducts with our
video system.  And you are also welcome to watch as we clean your

How long does it take to clean my ducts?

A typical home will take 4-5 hours.  

This page is our attempt to put your mind at ease
and to encourage you to call for the free video
inspection of your air duct system.  If you have
any questions that have not been covered, please
feel free to call or write..

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