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Air Care
By Jody Stinson
Indoor Air Quality Consultant
Did you know that poor indoor air quality can
harm your child?
According to the Department of Consumer Affairs children are more
affected than adults by the poor quality of the air in the home. They
breathe faster; inhale more air per unit of body weight; and they are closer
to the ground where concentrations of pollutants are higher.  
In a country where countless resources are used to create and advertise
new ways to kill germs, it is odd that so few people worry about the purity
of the air they and their children are breathing.
The air in most households contains dust mites and their fecal matter,
mold spores, pet dander, pollen, dust, and other pollutants.  After the air
and pollutants are sucked into the ducts via the return air system, both
the air and pollutants are re-circulated throughout the house to be
breathed by you and your family.  
Is this alarming?  Yes!
Is there something that can be done?  Yes!
You can have your vents cleaned by a professional air duct cleaning
company.  Many have specialized cameras and monitors which allow you
to see the dirt lurking in your ducts. Since they also possess large,
specialized vacuum cleaners with revolving brushes, they are able to
clean out the dirt; lessen the pollutants in the air; and help you—and your
child—breathe cleaner air.
Are you a prisoner?  
Countless people who have never committed a crime are.  No, they are
not wearing striped clothes and dragging a ball and chain.  Instead they
are in their own homes, cars, and places of business.  They are prisoners
to the villain of their own allergies.  Their only allies are drugs and
antihistamine-decongestant combinations that doctors say cost
Americans up to $2 billion dollars every year.  
But did you know that the allergens you are fighting have found a place to
hide in your home?
But I clean my home, you may say.  I vacuum, dust, and even use those
sprays that are supposed to kill every germ with which they come in
Unfortunately, there is one place that even your most thorough cleaning
cannot reach.
Your heating/cooling ducts.  
According to the Air Advice State of indoor air report of 2007, 90% of
homes have indoor air quality issues.  That means that 90% of homes
have one or more of the following allergy inducing particles in their ducts:
pollen, cigarette tar, mold spores, pet dander, dust mites and their fecal
matter, and dust.    
Have you ever experienced allergy symptoms out of season?  It could very
well be because every time you turn on the heater or air conditioner you
are flinging allergens out of their hiding place and into the air you are
Unless you are Inspector Gadget and can extend your arm for yards, there
is no way you can clean out your ducts.  
However, professional air duct cleaning companies have specialized
vacuum cleaners with rotating brushes which brush the sides of your
ducts and funnel the dirt back to the attached vacuum.  While air duct
cleaning cannot heal anyone, it can help lessen the allergens in the air you
are breathing and give you another ally in the war against allergies.  

Imagine yourself sitting in a comfortable chair.  
Your feet are up and you are kicked back with nothing more important to
do than watch the sunlight streaming through the windows.  You feel the
warmth on your face and see the golden light filtering through the dust
floating through the air rather like a sort of peaceful indoor snowfall.
Sound relaxing?  Yes.  Until you began to think of what is contained in the
“peaceful indoor snowfall”.
You are breathing it, but what is it really?
Oh, come on anyone can deal with dust.
One of the leading causes of seasonal allergies this powdery substance
drifts around through the air and settles in your air ducts where it
continues to be circulated and re-circulated throughout your home.
Maybe that doesn’t bother you.  After all maybe you don’t suffer from
What about Mold Spores?  These tiny airborne spores are the
reproductive system of mold. Symptoms include sneezing, runny nose,
red eyes and a skin rash.
Nope, don’t have any problem with that, you may say.
How about Pet Dander?  Most people think it is the fur that causes their
allergic reactions, but it is actually the pet saliva on the fur.  
Okay, now pet slobber might bother you a little.
What about Dust Mites and their Fecal Matter?
Now, isn’t that starting to bother you.  After all who wants to breathe bugs
and their dung?  
By now, I imagine you are out of your easy chair by the window and
running pell-mell for the fresh outdoors where you gasp in huge amounts
of clean air.  You are pondering living outside forever.
Before you start building a hut though, you might want to think about
getting your air ducts cleaned.  With rotating brushes and an attached
specialized vacuum, duct cleaning can remove the dirt from your ducts
and lessen the “unmentionables” in your air.
So you can go back to your easy chair.
ir Air Care
By Jody Stinson
Indoor Air Quality Consultant
Air Care
By Jody Stinson
Indoor Air Quality Consultant
As I mentioned on another page of this website Mountain Aire is a small
family owned business.  One of our family members is Jody who writes a
weekly article for a local paper.  We are very proud of Jody and though you
might enjoy a sampling of her articles.  Enjoy!

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